Aliyya & Family


AM - Aliyya photo

Aliyya is a charming, engaging and active 3.5 year old girl. Aliyya was born with Mosaicism with partial trisomy 17- one of the rarest chromosomal abnormalities with extremely limited research. Since 2011 there have only been 28 reported cases of this genetic disorder. Her specific case is extremely rare and we are not sure what to expect in the future. So far we have seen low muscle tone and generalized delayed development. We found out about Centennial because our pediatrician gave us a number for Early Intervention services in York Region who then directed us to contact Toronto Public Health. Through this contact we met Jessie Kimmel our Early Interventionist at Centennial. It was such an amazing experience and Jessie is so awesome! She worked very closely with Aliyya and worked according to Aliyya’s pace. She never got frustrated when it would take Aliyya a few weeks to complete a task. She lent us some toys and other objects to help us work on her fine motor skills and got us working with Lori McCrindle, a CICC Occupational therapist to help work on her gross motor skills. As a bonus, they came to us in our home, and then of course introduced us to the preschool program. Aliyya has grown and changed so much since starting at Centennial. She has become a lot more social; saying hi and sharing out hugs and kisses, even waving to strangers on the TTC! She understands Big Emotions; she consoles/comforts her big brother when he is upset and is excited when she accomplishes a goal. She claps and says “good girl”, even telling others to “sshh” when she sees someone sleeping. Aliyya has been so impacted by Centennial both in her growth, development and behavior. She had just started walking the summer before starting preschool in Sept 2014. Since then her confidence in moving has grown to her running, jumping and going up and down the stairs independently. As mentioned above she is much more social and very friendly. She is working very hard on her speech and signing and has come a long way. She also used to destroy books, but now she will sit and turn the pages and point out different people and imitate their actions or different animals and make their respective sounds. All of these daily changes in Aliyya has impacted our life so greatly.  Centennials programs have also helped our family in deeper ways. To be completely honest, we were having a rough patch in our marriage before she started. But since then we have grown together and worked together to get Aliyya what she needs. Our family is a much more solid unit nowMeeting all the wonderful people who genuinely care about Aliyya and all the children has been so incredible. The teachers, the office staff, and volunteers. Especially the other children and their families. Just knowing that we aren’t alone and that there are services available has brought a certain ease to our minds. It has been a roller coaster since having Aliyya, but Centennial has taught us to be humble and grateful and of course to fight for the rights and needs of our children.                         -Deeba Ali & Ian Mohammed