Be My Friend Campaign

To create your customized BE MY FRIEND crowdfunding  page click

Click “Create My Own Fundraising Page” and enter your name and email.

You will receive two emails. The first will provide a link to an editable version to customize your page. The second email contains a message that can easily direct friends and family to your personalized BE MY FRIEND fundraising page.

Here are some quotes and images you can use to make your page standout.

General Fundraising Tips

  1. Lead by example and donate to yourself first
    You set the standard - give yourself a good donation (such as $100) and others you ask will follow your lead.

  2. Create a sense of urgency
    Pick a date in the month of May as a deadline for your supporters. This will help you reach your big and bold goal more quickly.

  3. Ask the right person, in the right way, for the right amount
    Write down the names of people and businesses that are a part of your life and share your story.

  4. Send an email to everyone you know
    Friends, family, co-workers - go through your contact list and just ask everyone. Make sure you have set up your personal page, tell a great story and link to this page in your email. And, don't forget to ask your friends to forward this on to five people they know.

  5. Tech advice
    Use it! Share, share, share.
    Use our logo, images and mandate to spread awareness of the campaign, along with your personalized link. This is a fantastic way to create excitement and reach broader connections in your life. Your fundraising page will make the task very easy.

  6. Try, try and try again
    People are busy. Don't worry if some don't respond right away. Most people need to be reminded to donate. The fundraising page can help you track responses and contact only those that have not already donated. 

  7. Say Thank You
    Thank them personally and we will make sure an email or letter with a receipt is sent to thank them as well.

  8. Corporate Matching
    Whether you chose to fund raise on your own, with a team, in the community or at work - find out if your company has a corporate matching program. Corporate matching programs can sometimes provide a dollar for dollar match against all of your personal fundraising efforts!

  9. Prefer to Donate and be done? Donate to the HIVE