Maggie and Quinn.

Maggie is a happy and bustling 2½ year old with Down Syndrome. Quinn is her typically developing older sister. When Maggie was 6 weeks old, her parents first heard about Centennial’s preschool program when they met with their Early Intervention case worker and had hoped to have her attend the program when the time came.

Maggie & Quinn

Maggie was offered a spot in the preschool program in September of 2010.  Maggie, while bright and engaging, was struggling with low muscle tone and other developmental issues typical to a child with Down Syndrome.  Through the constant support and dedication of the team at Centennial, in a few short months the growth in her development has been inspiring.  She has started pulling herself up to standing position, cruising around furniture and getting into all sorts of  happy mischief. Her parents attribute her successes to her loving and dedicated team of teachers, therapists and volunteers.

Centennial has been the best thing that has happened to us.  Our family has a greater sense of balance.  I know that daily, Maggie is getting all the support she needs so that when she returns home to us, we can focus on being a family.” – Sherry Garner, Maggie and Quinn’s mom.


Perhaps the biggest surprise has been the benefit the preschool program has had for Maggie’s big sister (and hero), Quinn. 19 months separate the two girls.

When Maggie was born, the demands of her challenges were difficult for her older sibling.  Sibling jealousy was a huge issue as the new baby seemed to occupy much of her parents’ time.  Attending Centennial has allowed Quinn to develop a sense of empathy and purpose.   She has fostered many close friendships and has embraced her role as her little sister’s champion and companion.  She has learned to celebrate Maggie’s accomplishments without suspicion and has a greater sense of self confidence.