Our Staff

The staff at CENTENNIAL brings a vast array of experience and diversity to their work. Many have been associated with the CENTENNIAL community for many years as parents, volunteers, and students.

CENTENNIAL is overseen by a Board of Directors and run on a daily basis by an Executive Director. The staff consists of an office administrator, five preschool teachers, a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, volunteer coordinator, a team of early childhood interventionists, a housekeeper and building manager.

Executive Director
Leads and administers all operational aspects of Centennial Infant and Child Centre. Responsible for delivering on the mission and strategic direction of Centennial Infant and Child Centre’s Board of Directors. Ensures maintenance of networks and partnerships with municipal and provincial government, and community agencies. Works closely with the Centennial Foundation to determine annual funding needs of Centre.

Centre Operations Manager
Responsible for the management of the Preschool Program, as well as the property at 1580 Yonge St.

Preschool Staff
Consists of five teachers with backgrounds in early childhood education and special education. They have extensive experience working with children and their families. The teachers work in collaboration with a team of professionals which include: a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, and speech and language pathologist to plan individual programs for the children. They also supervise the volunteers to ensure that the children develop to their fullest potential.

Early Childhood Interventionists
Early Interventionist have backgrounds in child development, early childhood education, nursing, developmental service work and occupational therapy. Each year they provide in-home service to over 300 children birth to five years of age. They are often the first contact parents have with professional educators after the birth of their child with special needs. They bring great sensitivity and empathy to their work.

Special Needs Resource Consultants
Support a cluster of over 20 childcare centres in Toronto that include children with special needs. Staff training is also an integral part of the program support provided by the Consultants.

Works directly with the preschool staff contributing to the children’s individual programs, supervising their gross motor program and assisting with the children’s feeding requirements. She helps families access specialized equipment and assistive devices for their children.

Occupational Therapist
Works in the early intervention program and consults to the preschool program on a part-time basis. She supports the children, families, and staff to effectively meet the children’s fine motor, sensory and feeding needs.

Speech/Language Pathologist  (from Toronto Preschool Speech and Language Services)
Consults to the teachers in the preschool program. She supports the children’s communication needs and collaborates on the implementation of augmentative communication systems.

Classroom Assistants
CICC employs a group of 8 adults with developmental disabilities to assist the teachers in the classrooms. Several even attended CICC as children! Their responsibilities include setting up the classroom, helping to organize toys, arts, and crafts, preparing the water table and cleaning up after activities. The classroom assistants offer hope to our young families who may be concerned about their children finding employment when they are older.