We are proud to live in a city and country that has a facility like Centennial.  We are more grateful for your support than you will even know and grateful to be part of a place that sees so much ability in our children.

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  • Our current space and resources limits our ability to:

  • Respond to the growing demand for service

  • Provide the necessary space for classroom and therapeutic recreation as required. We currently have half the space required.

  • Provide an outdoor play space.

  • Meet the needs of our largest program, Early Intervention (EI), with funding capped at 2003 levels.

  • Provide an accessible space on one floor for all preschool programs.

  • Help families that are economically marginalized meet the needs of their child.

  • Provide a toddler program for ages 18 months to 2 years as identified and supported by the city.

  • Expand our highly successful Classroom Assistants Program which employs adults with special needs.



A New Home – $8 Million
A new purposed designed building with sufficient property to allow for an outdoor Therapeutic Recreational Area, safe drop-off zone and sufficient parking. A fully accessible design to accommodate all aspects of the preschool program on the main floor and training, meeting, Early Intervention Program and administrative space on the second level and appropriate storage space.

A New Program Fund – $1 Million
To provide sustainable bridge funding to meet the growing demand for the Early Intervention Program and Classroom Assistants Program.

A New Family Assistance Fund – $1 Million
To provide funding for Centennial families struggling with costs related to providing their child with access to support and equipment.


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