Simone Graduates!

Simone began preschool at Centennial in 2008, a shy and tentative 2 year old who was not yet walking independently and spoke only a few words.  Four years later, Simone has now graduated from Centennial’s kindergarten program and is a wonderfully engaging little girl who loves to run, chat, tease and entertain a crowd with her lively rendition of O’Canada!


Kim Saltsman and Lisa Fantauzzi, Simone’s teachers, proudly recount the ‘Simone stories’!  She often tried to charm them to avoid tasks at hand, but always managed to succeed through her strength and determination whether it was learning to count, learning to take those first steps or learning to write her name.

This Fall, Simone will be attending Grade One at her neighbourhood school.  We look forward to hearing about Simone’s adventures that lie ahead.