Sophie’s Story.

To Friends and Families of Centennial…

Our family’s life changed on November 10, 2009 when our daughter Sophie was diagnosed with Sanfillipo syndrome. This disease would take our 2 year old and slowly affect her cognitive and physical functions until she eventually succumbed to physical disability and dementia. We were told that our sweet, normal daughter had a life expectancy to her mid-teens.

“We felt so proud to be able to send our daughter to a preschool that she clearly enjoyed.” – Tom and Sarah


Any parent can attest to the anguish this news caused. It was very important that we take charge and make the most of our little girl’s life and give her the attention, love and life experiences that would make the most of her time with us. Centennial, more than any institution, has allowed our daughter to make the most of her abilities.


We felt so proud to be able to send our daughter to a preschool that she clearly enjoyed. It has so clearly helped her develop her vocabulary and start to build speech and interact with other kids. The friends that she has in her class and the experiences that she goes through are the same combination that other kids have in their environment. The difference is that the specific needs of our girl and the kids in her class are catered to in order to develop them as much as their abilities allow.

We are proud to live in a city and a country that has a facility such as this one. The skill and love of the volunteers and the professional staff have made a real difference to our daughter’s life and and to our lives. Our Soph brings home a piece of Centennial every day, and the mark that Centennial leaves will be with her for every day that she has with us. We are more grateful for your support than you’ll ever know, and grateful to be part of a place that sees so much ability in our child.

Tom and Sarah