Student Co-Op Programs with Centennial

Centennial provides training opportunities for students in both the Preschool and Early Intervention programs. Students from universities, community colleges and high school co-op programs do their practical field experiences with us.
They are a welcome addition to our program and benefit from the experiences they receive during their time at Centennial.

Placements can be arranged by contacting our Centre Manager, Kim Clarke at 416-935-0200, ext. 231.

“The Preschool teachers are so warm and welcoming, the volunteers are incredible and the children, wow, the children are life changing!  In October when I completed my third placement for my Early Childhood Education Program at Centennial, I couldn't bear the thought of leaving CICC, so I re-arranged my school and work schedule so I could continue volunteering at least once a week.  Everytime I finished my volunteer shift, I left smiling and couldn't wait until the next week to come back.  Every opportunity that I had to volunteer, I took it.  Not only is volunteering helping out the children, but it is helping out the entire community, and it feels so good.  My placement and volunteering experience gave me the opportunity to meet so many incredible people - Volunteers that have been helping out at CICC for over twenty years and volunteers who just started.  CICC is a community within itself and being immersed in such a loving community is incredible!  It is the most rewarding feeling knowing that I made a child happy, so  I will continue to help out in any way possible.  Thank you Centennial for honestly changing my life.”
Lauren Harney, Student/Volunteer

"From February till June 2016 I have worked at Centennial Infant and Child Centre as an international student from the Netherlands. Applying for a placement at Centennial’s Preschool Program has been the best decision I have made so far. What looked like a great place at first ended up being the most amazing and magical one I have ever seen. From the very first moment I walked into Centennial I knew that it was going to be the perfect fit for me. The children were so adorable and the atmosphere was very warm and welcoming. While working at Centennial I learned a lot about different diagnoses and syndromes, I also learned how to communicate with children in different ways, how to simulate their development on different areas and how to work in a team of professionals. The children attending the Preschool Program are amazing and I will miss them all greatly, not only because I helped them master new skills, but also because they helped me so much. They showed me the importance of celebrating every single victory in life, no matter how small it might look and they made me realize that anything is possible as long as you keep trying. The staff that works at Centennial Infant and Child Centre is simply incredible. They did not only answer all my questions and helped me whenever needed, but they made me realize the importance of always believing in a child and its capabilities. To focus on the things the child can do and to reinforce their behavior in a positive way. Getting to work with the volunteers that come to Centennial each day was very special. Some of them have been volunteering for many years and others just started, but every single volunteer was so special and it was amazing to see their passion and love for the children in the Preschool Program.
As the time passed, I got more and more excited about Centennial and in the end I did not want to leave. I feel so fortunate that Centennial gave me the opportunity to make special bonds with the children, to play, laugh and share love with them, to work in a warm and welcoming team, to meet a lot of amazing volunteers and to learn so many new things. Doing an internship at Centennial as an international student has been such a worthwhile experience for me and I would definitely recommend it to any other student! Working at Centennial did not only make me grow as a professional, but it also made me grow as a person and I am so thankful to everyone who contributed to that. I will take my experiences and memories everywhere I go and I will therefore always take a little bit of Centennial with me!"

Thank you Centennial Infant and Child Centre for giving me this life changing opportunity, I will never forget you!
Janne Swinkels
International student from the Netherlands