Testimonial Quotes from Parents

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“We are proud to live in a city and a country that has a facility such as Centennial. We are more grateful for your support than you will ever know, and grateful to be part of a place that sees so much ability in our child.”

“Thank you for all of your support and guidance, Centennial shed some light during our dark times with helpful resources and a listening ear.”

“Centennial is a magical place, a special place, a one-or-a-kind place. It is a place of hope and strength, a place where our children flourish and grow. Our son, who was born with Down Syndrome, would not be the amazing kid he is now if it weren’t for Centennial.”

“It doesn’t matter what comes up on a day-to-day basis, I get the answers from Centennial; whether it is a health issue, behavioural issue or how to help my child with basic skills. I don’t know how we would have got through these few years without them, it has made such an enormous resource and support system for our family.”

“Our Early Interventionist was the first person who gave us hope. She came into our home and showed me so many ways to help my son. She always talked about the future in such a positive way. She changed everything for us, our lives look so different now because of her.”

“The skill and love of Centennial’s staff have made a real difference to our daughter’s life and to our lives, it had been the best thing that has happened to us!”

“Centennial gave me the strength not to fear what my daughter’s future is going to look like.”

“Centennial not only provided our son and our family with the services we so desperately needed, but became a cornerstone of our lives.”

“Centennial taught us patience and the power of positivity. Their compassion and insight helped us through some of our most challenging obstacles.”

“Getting connected with Centennial opened my mind to all the places that could help my child. I am forever grateful. Thank you!”

“It was a wonderful experience and I will always be grateful for the services at the Centre.”

“Centennial was an integral and delightful part of our child’s development, their determined team provided tremendous support to our family.”

“Thank you, CICC for assigning me and my daughter to the best Early Interventionist ever! Your services changed our lives!”

“The EI program is effective and a true help-line in building a family. We have seen improvements that wouldn’t have happened without the program.”