Therapy Services

Physiotherapy Consultative Service at CICC

Consultative Physiotherapy is provided 2 days a week.  To access this service, your child's teacher will refer them to the Physiotherapist (PT).  The PT will assess and provide recommendations.  When required, the Physiotherapist will provide a Physiotherapy report/gross motor plan/goals for your child which will be followed by their individual volunteer and reassessed at timely intervals.  The PT will provide information on gross motor development/activities/advice on feet and footwear and safety on stairs and in the gross motor room and classroom.

Occupational Therapy Consultative Service at CICC

Consultative Occupational Therapy is provided 2 days a week.  The Occupational Therapist (OT) will address positioning, hand skills, feeding and sensory concerns.  The preschool teachers determine which children need to be seen by the OT, who will then prioritize the referrals.  The OT will assess the child, write a report and provide recommendations to the teacher.  These recommendations will be incorporated into the child's programme and carried out by the teachers and volunteers.  Should further assessment be needed, the OT will contact the parents with suggestions regarding assessment and on-going therapy services provided within the community.